Makers We Love: Suzy Williams of Suzy Quilts

For our inaugural Makers we Love series we wanted to shout from the roof tops about how great Suzy Williams of Suzy's Quilts is. We chose to highlight Suzy first because she really brought us into the world of modern quilting, spurred a renewed love of sewing and is part of what inspired us to create Thread the Needle Fabrics. 

If you're curious about quilting or you have already started on your journey, Suzy from Suzy Quilts has so much knowledge to share and does so with a sense of humor.  Her Quilting 101 posts are a must read for beginners, and her YouTube and Blog Tutorials are great for trying out beginner to advanced skill levels! 

Suzy brings a modern style to her projects and loves trying out, and sharing tips on quilting with different fabric types from linen to double gauze. Along with checking out Suzy's quilt patterns, we also recommend trying out some of her beautiful tutorials linked below.

Beginner friendly tutorials by Suzy Quilts


More advanced tutorials by Suzy Quilts



We hope you have a chance to check out Suzy's website and have fun creating something of your very own!



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