Sewing Professional Scrunchies!

We love scrunchies, they're fun to wear and quick to sew! 

There are a lot of methods out there for making scrunchies, this is our favourite because it's 100% machine sewn which gives it a professional quality and speeds up the process.

What you need:

  • 7" of elastic (we like 3-6mm thicknesses)
  • Safety pin
  • Thread that matches your fabric
  • 21" x 4.75" cut of fabric (cotton, jersey or whatever you're feeling)
  • If you're using a jersey or stretch fabric make sure to use a stretch stitch and a ballpoint or a stretch needle.

Or snag one of our DIY Scrunchie Kits with everything you need!

Step 1

All seems are sewn with a 1/4" seem & use a back stitch at the start and end of the seem. 

Fold fabric right sides together and use a 1/4" seem to sew the fabric together 3/4th of the way to the end. Leave a 1"(ish) gap and continue sewing to the end of the fabric. As each step is completed we recommend cutting the thread ends so you don't end up with any tangles.

Step 2

Pull the tube halfway inside out, with the 1 inch opening accessible, and sew the ends together.

To successfully sew this on a machine use a smaller foot like the 1/4" one in the below image. It is important to sew very slowly and carefully maneuvering the fabric with a chopstick or stiletto to keep your fingers away from the needle. If you're uncomfortable sewing this part with your machine, or don't have a foot that fits, you can hand sew the ends together.

Step 3

Pull the tube right side out, you're almost there!

Step 4

Use a safety pin to pull the elastic through the tube.

Step 5

Tie a square knot to make the scrunchie as tight or loose as you want. Personally I use my wrist to measure and create scrunchies that are consistently sized.

You will know if you have tied the square knot correctly because as you tighten it there will be almost no slippage. 

Step 6

Using a thread that matches the scrunchie carefully sew the opening of the scrunchie closed, and voila you're done!