Sulky Invisible Polyester Thread - Smoke - 440 yd. Spool #232-0002

Sulky Invisible Polyester Thread - Smoke - 440 yd. Spool #232-0002

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Sulky Premium Invisible thread is a very fine .004 monofilament that is soft enough for baby quilts or garments that will be worn next to the skin.

Choose smoke for darker fabrics and clear for lighter fabrics.

Quilters prefer our polyester invisible thread instead of nylon because it has a more flexible, soft touch.

It is much more heat tolerant than nylon; it will not melt with normal ironing through the cotton setting. Works well in the bobbin; also ideal on sergers.

It does not fuzz, fray or shrink. 

Brand: Sulky Invisible Monofilament
Color Name: Clear
Color Number: 0001
Fiber Content: Polyester
Hand Weight: Extra Light
Recommended Needle 1: 10/70
Recommended Needle 2: 14/90
Yardage: 440